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What is Probate? An Introduction for Foreign Nationals

Probate is the official process, supervised by the local district court, of winding down the estate of a deceased person and transferring the assets to the heirs and other beneficiaries. In most cases, ownership of the deceased’s assets does not pass automatically to the heirs upon death. One very important exception is joint ownership with right of survivorship, in which

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Estate Planning Step-by-Step

Note: The information below pertains to the drafting or revision of estate planning documents. Step 1: Schedule a complimentary introductory call During this ten to twenty minute call or visit you will tell us about your particular situation and we will determine if we can help. Step 2: Schedule an Initial Consultation After the initial contact, we will schedule a

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Practice Areas

Wills and Trusts Estate planning for international individuals is significantly more complex than for domestic clients. The laws of which jurisdiction will govern the estate? Which assets will pass according to which laws? Will a testament be accepted by the courts of another country? Which marital regime applies to the assets of the couple? Is there a tax treaty that

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