Our Services

Located in Washington, DC, we offer estate and tax planning services in international matters. We represent estate beneficiaries and fiduciaries, and litigate inheritance-related claims. Finally, we advise individuals and financial institutions on tax compliance related to foreign financial assets.

Estate Settlements

We advise fiduciaries on settling estates in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and in Germany.

Non-US decedents
Non-US assets
Non-US beneficiaries
Estate settlements in the US
Estate settlements in Germany
Gift and Death-Related Taxes

We advise asset owners and estate beneficiaries on all US tax-related matters.

Gift Taxes for non-US citizens
Estate Taxes in the US
Taxation of non-US citizens’ estates
Dying without a Will: Statutory Succession Rules

Who inherits your assets if you have not set up an estate plan.

District of Columbia