Our Fees in Other Matters

Flat fees for estate plan packages are found here.

The information below pertains to advice regarding

  • Estate and trust administration;
  • Estate and trust litigation;
  • All other consultation.

General Consultation

General consultation is available at an hourly rate that varies based on the complexity of the matter.

If your relative recently died in the Washington DC area and you are not sure about whether it is worth accepting the inheritance, we can agree on a limited scope representation of 10 to 20 hours. This allows me to investigate the size of the assets, after which you can decide whether to proceed with the probate process.

Services as a Fiduciary

When I act as a fiduciary (such as a trustee, guardian/conservator or personal representative) I may in some cases charge a percentage fee. In that case, my fee will usually be a percentage of the value of the trust or estate I manage.

Litigation or Insurance Recovery

In some cases (usually involving will and trusts contests, or wrongful death claims) I may discuss setting the fee as a percentage of the recovery for the client. In these cases I will not charge fees during the case, but will collect a fee only if the case is resolved to the client’s satisfaction.

If the scope of the work should greatly change, we will discuss and prepare a fee agreement to cover the additional work.