Marital Agreements

The primary purpose of marital agreements is to settle the questions of separation of assets and alimony in case of a divorce. Such an agreement can be made prior to a marriage (premarital or prenuptial agreement) or during the marriage. Marital agreements may also provide for an alternative inheritance structure that even allows spouses to omit each other from their

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Estate and Tax Planning

International families often require careful and comprehensive tax and estate planning. What is the most tax-efficient way to hold assets such as brokerage accounts, businesses and real estate? What estate and inheritance taxes face the legatees of non-US citizens who have assets in the United States? After analyzing your situation we recommend tailored solutions.

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Estate Planning Packages

We advise on: US federal laws (for example federal tax laws, or immigration and citizenship), including their application to international clients or foreign assets. The laws of the jurisdictions where we are licensed to practice law, currently Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Germany; The laws of the European Union; International conventions; Bilateral treaties entered into by the United

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